A greater return on your existing systems

When you’ve invested huge amounts of time and resources into productivity software tools and hardware for your staff, it makes sense to make sure your staff can get the most out of your investment.

For many businesses, particularly professional services firms, intellectual capital and knowledge management is central to the success of your business. This means that the production and delivery of documents and spreadsheets such as reports, proposals, presentations, quotations, research papers, statistical analysis and much more is one of your core operations.

Using tools such as Visual Basic for Applications – primarily for Microsoft Word and Excel – Initio can create faster ways for your staff to produce documents using automation features, templates and data integration. By developing customised VBA macro suites we can automate document and spreadsheet creation, content population, printing, formatting and saving, often pulling together information from various applications such as content management systems.

As an example, when our clients undergo re-branding, a huge number of documents and templates need to be reviewed and updated across the business. Initio’s consulting development services allow the re-branding to occur rapidly with a minimum impact.

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